PC-E 85/2.8
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Nikkor PC-E 85mm 2.8 D

This Micro Nikkor lens, introduced by Nikon in 2008, is successor of PC-85 (without "E"). The last is more light and permits the electronic control of diaphragms. Attention however: on cameras without electrical contacts (Sony A7 for example) or if you use adapters (rings or tubes) without electrical contacts, closing the aperture don't work also if is present the aperture ring on the lens because the diaphragm closes only electrically! If you want to use tubes or mirrorless cameras with adapter rings the old version is necessary (and in fact I've both versions..). Apart from this, the 85 tilt-shift lens is terrific on field: extremely flexible and creative, with excellent sharpness and focusing soft and accurate.

In close-up photography, the tilt function can be used for to extend the deep of field and to obtain original shots. The movements of Nikkor 85 PC-E work good although is necessary strong tighten of the screws to prevent accidental movement. When you use tilt movement the exposure may not be accurate: is always well to do some shots of test.

I've tried my Nikkor PC-E 85 on many cameras. In my opinion the best matched is with Nikon D800E. The 36 Mpixel without anti-aliasing filter of this camera enhance the sharpness performance of the lens. The Nikkor PC-E 85 gives good results also at small apertures and this is a good news for macro-photographers!..

My opinion ( 1 Poor - 5 Excellent )

Quality on field:

(Tested: Nikon D200, D3, D800, D800E)


(Good quality of tilt-shift)


(Very flexible and creative use)

Nikkor PC-E 85

Nikkor 85/2.8 PC-E: close-up shot on D800E

Small selection of less common mushrooms