PC-E 24/3.5
"Since 1980, photography was a passion. Over time, the mycology and nature they have become leading actors."

Nikkor PC-E 24/3.5 ED

The PC-E 24 is not declared as Micro but reaches a reproduction ratio of 1:2.7 and it can be tilted. In my kind of pictures these two features give me the opportunity of wide-angle macrophotography and an increasing depth of field due to tilting. Under certain conditions, the short focal length of the PC-E allows, thanks to the cleaning at high ISO of modern digital cameras, shooting freehand with a diaphragm pretty close. The optical quality is excellent and the weight is not excessive. The mechanism is precise as the manual focus. An excellent glass for use a little unusual. Here alongside, a shot taken in a forest at 800 ISO. While I focused the fungi I have seen that a fly would land on the mushrooms. I unplugged the machine from the tripod and I shot a dozen times..

For macrophotography, in the past I used the Nikkor AI-S 28 mm f/2.8 (close-up 0.2 mt) but I must admit that the PC-E 24 is much better and more creative. In landscape photography too, the PC-E Nikkor 24 mm makes it very well. Furthermore in this genus, if desired, through decentralization first hard right and then left, you can get large panoramic photographs.

On the field, the horizontal shift of PC lens, permit the focusing of the subjects who aren't to the same plane when you can not move themselves because of obstacles such as roots or branches.

My opinion ( 1 Poor - 5 Excellent )

Quality on field:

(Tested: Nikon D200, D3, D800, D800E)


(Very good quality construction)


(Creative, razor sharp but a bit expensive)

Nikkor PC-E 24mm

PC-E 24mm: close-up shot on D3 freehand

Small selection of less common mushrooms